What horses can teach us about leadership

Horses don't judge. They have no egos and no care for titles, hierarchies, pay packets or power plays. Their feedback is honest, instant and there is no fooling them. 

Throughout history, horses have played a critical role in the evolution of human civilisation by allowing us to utilise their speed, strength and power. From transportation to competition, warfare, farming and policing, horses have played a significant role in connection, communication, commerce and the transfer of human language, culture and technology. 

Their spirit, grace and beauty have captured our imaginations and whilst in today's modern world their primary use is for pleasure, entertainment and sport, it is through their ability to connect and respond instinctively that they continue to provide new insights to humankind. 

In an increasingly digitally and technologically connected world, horses offer us the opportunity to re-experience natural and personal connections and to develop leadership and communication skills which enhance our lives and the lives of those around us.

 Horses, like humans, are social animals. They have defined roles within their herd and desire connection and belonging whilst fearing force and intimidation. Achieving the best result with a horse requires the creation of trust, collaboration and understanding and it is our philosophy that current and future leaders who best master these interpersonal and emotionally intelligent skills are the ones who will be able to achieve sustainable business results and organisational strategic objectives.


“In the past a leader was a boss. Today’s leaders must be partners with their people...they no longer can lead solely based on positional power

— Ken Blanchard

Through horses,

  • We become aware of the non-verbal, unconscious signals we send to the world and those around us.
  • We experience the unique partnership ability between predator and prey animals, providing metaphors of workplace power im/balances and allowing a deeper understanding of other perspectives. 
  • We see internal and external incongruence mirrored to us immediately and without judgement. 
  • Being near large, powerful animals with an immense amount of energy can sometimes be intimidating and take us outside our comfort zones. This creates an experiential learning opportunity to overcome fear, develop self-confidence and manage emotions in a natural way.
  • We learn how to create a safe and open environment allowing choice and willingness to follow, minimising fear and maximising learning and creativity.
  • We develop skills to understand and value other perspectives, experiences and opinions, making us much more insightful leaders. Horses treat humans as if they are horses. Often, humans only see and communicate from their own perspective - a common cause of conflict, stress,  misunderstanding and miscommunication.
  • We experience first-hand the impact of powerful leadership skills including clear communication, purpose, trust, respect and understanding.

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