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Horses for Courses

We recently welcomed the team from the Australian Institute of Training and Development at our Belrose, Sydney HQ recently. The team reviewed our leadership training program and techniques for their magazine, Training and Development and as experts in organisational and individual learning, it came as no surprise that their staff were excellent students when it came to the equine assisted development tasks we set them.

Read their full write up* here

(*This article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine, September 2018 Vol. 45 No. 3, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development. It is shared here with permission.)

DOes Hr need to start horsing Around?

Australian Human Resource Institutes roving reporter Kate Nielson, joined the Frontier Team for a session with the horses recently. Scout and Teddy didn’t disappoint with their unique style of teaching leadership and the fine art of creating willing followers! Check out Kate’s experience here.