How you lead a horse is how you lead your team

Horses never lie. They provide instant and continuous feedback as to what's working for them and what's not. 

It is through their unique mirroring ability that we are able to understand our own leadership and communication style and importantly, our impact on others. From this point of awareness, we can then develop skills, tools and resources to lead teams of willing followers in environments of trust, respect and engagement.

Humans provide this feedback to each other too. However, for many of us, we have forgotten how to read our own and others non verbal and behavioural feedback, to take into consideration anothers' point of view or perspective on a matter before we jump to influence and persuade. We have, in effect, forgotten parts of our own language.  

Working with horses moves us out of being stuck, it brings us back to our natural world where we can see our true leadership capacity. They teach us:

  • how to quickly and continually connect, inspire and motivate;
  • the impact of learning to 'speak' another's language;
  • what motivates others and what drives fear;
  • being present v being distracted;
  • how to achieve our goals by finding common ground and
  • how to lead with no position or title to rely on.  

Leading horses, just like leading people requires self awareness, ownership, accountability and an open mind. You need to be clear about your goals, able to accept feedback, curious about the results you are (or are not) getting and genuinely interested in others. 

Stepping outside of your own comfort zone is where you find growth and innovation. Learning to lead a horse, with no sticks or carrots is an experience in true leadership power. This is a leadership style of giving and receiving, where both parties, coming from very different power bases want to work together, allowing for the creation of possibility, collaboration and influence. 

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