Emma Kirkwood is a Co-founder of Frontier Leadership and an expert coach and facilitator. 

A highly-qualified Human Resources Expert, Emma's training includes both experiential and traditional methods with programs designed to educate, inspire and develop workplace relationships.

With a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, complemented by a Masters of Labour Law and Relations, Emma has a deep understanding of diversity and behaviour in the workplace along with a strong drive to enhance the way in which people work and achieve results together. 

Working with the CEO level within organisations, Emma's consultative and inspiring approach has benefited many teams, leaders and organisations to increase confidence, leadership and productivity. 

Emma is a strong advocate of enhancing each individuals strengths to create thriving, productive and profitable cultures in times of change and growth.

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James has a passion for horse communication, horsemanship training and assisting horses and humans to develop willing and positive partnerships.  

In addition to being a Co-fouder and Facilitator with Frontier Leadership, James is the founder of Meurer Horsemanship and the principal trainer for horses being started or re-trained.

James grew up working with horses on his family’s property in southern New South Wales. As a child he discovered a love of communicating with horses and through his curiosity and observation discovered effective ways of working with horses simply by learning from the horses themselves. 

He now enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with individuals and teams to assist the better understand ways to relate and communicate with each other to achieve desired outcomes.